Thin Client with Android 2.3 system, PC station supply 1080P HD playing, RDP 7.0 Thin client, unlimited users per host.


Features Spec
OS supported Android 2.3OS
Flash Flash 128MB to 128GB,hard disk 500GB
Video VGA resolution 1024*768/1440*90/1280*1024
HDMI resolution 1280*720/1920*1080(MAX)
USB port USB 2.0 port (×4)
COM port 1
Physical dimensions 145*92*25MM
Weight (g) 200
Audio output Have
Audio input Have
WIFI option YES
Power adapter DC power supply 5V/2A
Energy consumption Static power is less than 5W, less than 7.5W efficiency at maximum

Key feature
In addition to general benefit of Thin clients, Android N730/N730W has two working modes: Remote virtual machine and Local Android system, Android N730/N730W can operate through RDP to connect server under remote virtual machine. It is easy to enjoy thousands of free and paid applications available in Android market in local mode (that is on standalone application, without connecting to host PC).
It can be use at home or an Hotel for personal entertainment and it comes with remote control.



Thin client – ANDROID DIB_730/DIB_730W

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